Patio Before and After

Pressure Washing a Patio Job Completed – Hutto, Texas

We got a call from the client asking if we could powerwash the back patio to remove the stains. We said, of course we can!

While at the client’s residence, we noticed the dingy black discoloration of the paint on the siding by the patio, caused by organic growth. We asked the client if they would like to get the surrounding patio walls cleaned too. The client agreed.

We began by rinsing the walls and back patio with water. Then, we treated the walls and concrete with a sodium hypochlorite and surfactant mixture. We then let the chemicals dwell for 15 minutes and rinsed the walls to reveal a fresh paint look.

After that, we attached the surface cleaner to our power washing rig and cleaned the concrete. We power-washed the brick with a power washing wand as an added courtesy to ensure everything looked fresh and clean.

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