Power Washing a Home Preparing For Sale

Is your house or business starting to show its age? Have you noticed black or green discoloration on the exterior walls? Let Positive Results Power Washing LLC rid your home or building of organic growth, dirt, and grime. We can make your home or building look fresh again and slow the degradation of your structure.

We got a call from a client who had seen one of our yard signs in a nearby neighborhood. The client had told us their house was starting to show its age. He asked if we could help him clean up his house because he was considering selling. We immediately went out and looked at the home and noticed a lot of organic growth on the house’s exterior walls. We told the client we could help. We chemically treated the house’s exterior walls and concrete.

We let the chemical dwell for a while, then power-washed the walls with low pressure to rinse the organic growth and chemical off. Next, we power-washed the concrete with the surface cleaner as it had accumulated a lot of dirt and grime over the years. The client was astonished by the results. “Another Happy Customer.”